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If you live in a flood zone, or if your area is prone to rain showers, save yourself the back-breaking work and expense of bailing water and replacing carpets. You can rely on us to get the best waterproofing treatment right from the basement to the roof.

  • Thorocoat paint in varied colors

  • Drylok waterproofing

  • Clear silicone

  • Foundation walls

  • Parapet cladding

Our family owned business has been providing professional waterproofing and restoration services to clients in Brooklyn, NY and the surrounding areas for 35 years.

Moonshine Construction Co. uses top-quality chemicals and raw materials for waterproofing treatments to ensure safe and hygienic living conditions. We pride ourselves on our workmanship, professionalism, and excellent customer service.

Tried and tested waterproofing treatments

Waterproofing solutions

35 years of experience

Prevent leakage from causing structural damage

Moonshine Construction Co. of Brooklyn, NY is insured with DOB and DOT, so you can trust us for your needs. FREE estimates are also available.

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Spend a little today on waterproofing and save a lot of heartache tomorrow